Term 3 Children's Classes


 Saturdays, (5 weeks), 18 August - 15 Sept 18, 

10:00 - 12:00 pm               

 Price: $185

This term we will be busy learning about portraiture. We will start the course by looking at portraits created by different artists throughout history. Then we will work on paper with drawing media like pencils, charcoals etc. You will learn how to draw in details different face features like the eyes, nose etc and then how to structure the whole face. We will also work with water mixable media and later move onto the final work which will be a portrait of your parents, siblings, friends or anyone that you may want to paint.

'The Big Picture'

Sundays, (5weeks), 19 August - 16 Sept 18 , 

10:00 - 12:00 pm

Price: $185

This class will be a little bit different from the usual class progression as we will start working on the final painting from the first class.  First we will get into brainstorming and then move to work on the canvas.  The subject matter for the class is open so feel free to bring any images, pictures or themes to use for inspiration.  At the end of the course you will complete a large acrylic on canvas painting.

Adult Art Workshop

‘The World of Magic

 Mondays (6weeks), 13 August - 17 Sept 18,

 7:00 - 9:00 pm

  Price: $195

As usual we will start this course with sketching out some ideas and brainstorming on paper. Later we will move onto some water mixable media and then Start planing and working on the final painting. The inspiration for this term will be ‘the magic of fairy-tales’ and we will put a modern and surrealistic spin on some old fairy-tales and look at them through new eyes.